Money Back Guarantee

If we fail to satisfy you with our service, the money is yours!

We, as a faithful provider, believe that you deserve the best service possible. If our service -by sensible reason-  is proved disqualified, we shall return your money.

The procedure is that you must contact our support department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and report your problem. If we can`t fix the issue and it is proved that the source of problem is from our end -not yours, we take it as a disqualification of our service. Then you will be redirected to our Sales Department and money back process begins.

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About Us

  • Fast CCcam Company founded on December 2012. Our service, as the company name says, is about bringing the fastest service possible to our customers. We Believe the payment step is not the last step of our contact with a customer but the first step of proving our commitment to customers.

We are every where!

We are reachable in popular social network. If by any chance you lose our track, you can search and find us. We also publish our latest news on these networks.

We stay Connected

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