CCcam VPS Offers

*** This Offer Is Not Available At This Time. Please Visit Our Alternative Offer:  Re-seller Offers  ***

If you are having around 5 customers from time to time, our re-seller offers suits you, but if your range of customers is more than 50, we have a tempting offer for you! This offer is called CCcam VPS Offer and applies to those who have many customers and want to grow their business looking for stable freeze free CCcam service. By applying to this offer, you`ll benefit from having your own Server Series exclusively dedicated to your customers.

What is Server Series?

We divide our customers into different server series and each series has 2 servers(C-Lines) that means each account receives 2 C-lines. For example right now for our normal customers we have 10 series and each series has 2 different servers. So (10x2=20) we have 20 normal (non-reseller) servers at the moment. When you get your own server series, we will setup 2 servers exclusively for you.

What are the benefits of this offer?

-Your clients receive 2 C-Lines for better stability

-Your clients are on a private series and won`t get affected by our other clients

-Your clients will benefit from the lowest ECM possible

-Your servers benefit from dedicated Ram, CPU, Network and Cards.

-You can ask us for your favorite Local Card and we will add it for you.

Here is the Price List. Click on your desired package:

1 Month

€5/Per Each User

3 Months

€13/Per Each User

6 Months

€22/Per Each User

12 Months

€38/Per Each User

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