Latest CCcam News

  • (2019-April-21st) SkyDE Issue Fixed

    SkyDE is now a lot stable and we have reach a full fix. Here is what we need you to do:

    You need to install OSCam r11516 as it has the bug fixed. Then place your clines in Reader section and try Skyde. r11516 already has "Skip CWs checksum test only for:" hardcoded and set to 098C:000000;09C4:000000;09C7:000000 but you can also put it there. If you need more help. email us.

  • (2019-April-18th) SkyDE Having Issues + Updates (April 21st)

    Due to ECM changes from SkyDE, some channels on this packages are not visible anymore. We are doing everything we can to resolve this.

    Update (April 20th): The only fix that has been proven by now is that all clients should change their emulator from CCCam to OSCam latest version. Then you need to go to Config > Global and in Skip CWs checksum test only for: put the following values and save > 098C:000000;09C4:000000;09C7:000000

    Update (April 20th): No fix has worked and only some special cards are able to decode SkyDE right now. There is a good chance we could recover from this issue. Please be advised that our IPTV Service provided by our partner  Fast IPTV does have Full SkyDE running issue free. If you are still willing to run it via CCCam, please be patient.

    Update (April 21st): We have received confirmation from that all clients should upgrade their OSCam`s to Build r11516. There`s a bug in r11515 which causes "Skip CWs checksum test only for" function to drop some valid ECM`s. So you need to update to r11516.

  • (2019-February-16th) Portuguese NOS and MEO Fix Available

    To resolve the issue regarding Meo and NOS packages which only plays sound and no video, do the following.
    These providers have changed their Modulation from QPSK to 8PSK.
    You need to change your channel list and put an updated one which supports 8PSK Modulation.
    We recommend getting the latest channel list of Hispasat 30w from vHannibal website >

  • (2018-October-18th) Scandinavian Packages Improved on CAID 0B00

    After receiving some reports regarding 0B00 cards on Scandinavian channels, we have added a new card to fill in the blanks for all the missing ECMs on this CAID.

    Please have Scandinavian channels tested now.

  • (2018-June-25th) No 4K Available - FIFA World Cup in HD Only

    Many people are asking whether they can have 4K channels to watch FIFA World Cup 2018. There are no 4K channels available on Cardsharing at the moment, but you can enjoy these events in Full 1080p HD through our service.

  • (2017-May-16th) Skyuk Closing on CCcam - IPTV a Much Better Alternative

    Since 2 months ago skyuk started closing channels on CS, but IPTV service was not affected by this as it`s just video broadcasting so no complications like CCcam.. With IPTV, you`ll have HD and SD channels available even on hard-to-get channels like Box Office PPV.

    Both single users and re-sellers can enjoy this service, specially resellers as they`ll have full administrative panel access to manage their clients the way they want, create. extend, suspend + a broad range of scripts, files and plugins to supply their clients. EPG is available too.

    So we advise you to try IPTV service.

    Fast IPTV Team Contact Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Fast IPTV Team Website :

  • (2017-March-28th) SkyUK ECM changes - Some Channels Are Down + Latest Updates (May 16th)

    Sky has made some changes and few channels arent available temporarily.

    Any updates regarding this will be posted.

    Update (March 30th) : Keeping up with the matter, some valid sources confirming that there should be an update which will comply with latest changes from Sky.

    Update (April 7th) : Up to now, only Eurosport 1 & 2 , Sky Atlantic and Sky Sports News are the channels which arent available. Groups and teams are working on a solution. Seems like sky is doing some test for their new security system on these channels to later extend this to other channels as well. This means SD channels will be paired same as HD. But still these are just vague assumptions.

    Update (April 25th) : Following channels are missing, down or should we say "have gone paired" :

    107 Sky Living
    129 Sky 2
    156 Lifetime
    170 Sky Atlantic +1
    402 Sky Sports 2
    404 Sky Sports 4 RoI
    405 Sky Sports 5
    406 Sky Sports News HQ
    421 Chelsea TV
    497 Sky Sports 3 RoI
    499 Sky Sports 5 RoI
    607 Disney XD
    608 Disney XD+1
    609 Disney Channel
    610 Disney Channel +1
    611 Disney Junior
    612 Disney Junior +1

    Update (May 16th) : a lot more channels are now closed as we expected:

    12148 H 27500
    Sky Atlantic
    Sky Living +1
    Sky sports 4
    Sky sports news HQ
    Eurosport 1

    11914 H 27500 5/6
    Sky Sports 5 UK
    Sky Atlantic UK +1
    Sky Sports 3 Ireland
    Sky Sports 4 Ireland
    Adult XXX Mums (20-05)
    Sky 2 Ireland
    XXX Brits (22.00-05.30)
    Disney XD UK
    Disney Channel UK
    Disney Junior UK
    Disney XD UK +1
    Disney Channel UK +1
    Disney Junior UK +1

    Frequency 12207 V 27500 5/6
    Sky Sports 5 Ireland
    Sky Sports News HQ in Pubs
    Sky 1 Ireland
    XXX Real Wives (20.00-06.30)
    Sky Sports 2 UK
    Sky 2 UK
    Sky Living UK
    Lifetime UK
    Chelsea TV

    12110 H 27500 5/6
    Sky Sports F1
    Sky 1 UK +1
    Sky Sports 2 Ireland
    Sky Sports 1 UK
    Sky Sports 3 UK
    TV 3 (Ireland)
    Fox UK
    Cartoonito UK (05-21)
    Sky 1 UK
    Sky Arts (UK)
    Sky Cinema Hits
    Sky Living Ireland
    Comedy Central UK

    12266 H 27500

    RTÉ One
    RTÉ 2
    TG 4
    RTÉ News 
    RTÉ Jr (06-19)
    Oireachtas TV
    RTÉ One +1
    Sky Sports Mix
    Sky News 
    Nickelodeon UK
    Nickelodeon UK +1
    NickToons UK
    Nick Jr UK
    Baby TV Europe
    Sky Living Ireland +1

  • (2017-March-12th) UnityMedia Cable Germany Available

    This package is available on our service both for single users and resharing clients.

    If you are a resharing client and have skyde 098C line, contact us.

  • (2017-January-17th) Canalsat FR is down

    Since Jan 13th Canalsat FR is down again. It`s a general issue and we are working on it.

  • (2017-January-16th) Few Words on Sky Sports 1 UK

    Yesterday during Manutd Liverpool match we received multiple complaints about Sky Sports 1 UK being jumpy.

    The most interesting part - AS USUAL - was UK people believing their side to be perfect and all issues, shortcomings and stuff were on our side. Some said its due to many people using your servers, others said you dont know how to configure your servers ... anyways usual impolite, disrespectful behavior we get from UK people.

    Problem of yesterday was some stations of Sky Sports 1 being unstable on CS. In a few words we`re gonna shed some light on what these stations are, how to get them and generally how cccam server uk works. This is pretty basic, detailed explanation can be found on cccam forum websites.

    Sky Sports 1 has 5 instances (Stations) with following SID`s: (Many of those complaining people didnt even know what SID was or Sky Sports 1 has more than 1 station !!!!)

    0963,0960,0961:1076|Sky Digital (UK)|Sky Sports 1

    0963,0960,0961:1078|Sky Digital (UK)|Sky Sports 1

    0963,0960,0961:107D|Sky Digital (UK)|Sky Sports 1

    0963,0960,0961:1203|Sky Digital (UK)|Sky Sports 1

    0963,0960,0961:1332|Sky Digital (UK)|Sky Sports 1

    You should get all of these 5 stations on your main channel list. and you need to check and see which one is working issue free and then tune to it.  If you think you are missing any of the above mentioned stations, find the latest TP list (Transponder List) and scan skyuk sat again. Blind scan would do the job as well. Yesterday, although we knew service was strong and stable as ever, we asked our resellers and beta testers whom we trust in their technical knowledge in CS to check Sky Sports 1 out.  Everyone confirmed none of the two matches had even a glitch. They all found SID 1332 to be the most stable one and watched both matches through that station.

    Final word is, stop blaming others before you first have enough knowledge in CS of how it works and second, check your side first.

  • (2017-January-1st) Further Fix for Canalsat FR

    All Canalsat France channels have now been fully stabilized on all our servers. Just make sure of the following steps being taken care of:

    -Make sure the option "Skip CWs checksum test" on your reader is checked.

    -It is better to use OSCam version at least 11279

    -If you need OSCam client configs files, you can get it by clicking here.

  • (2016-December-11th) Canalsat France Issue Resolved

    In the past 2 weeks we all noticed quality issues as well as channel losses on Canalsat France Package. It was due to AES Key change.

    We got it back working since yesterday. Quality is stable but there are some new tricks to it.

    Not all canalsat channels can be opened with CCcam plugin and from now on you need to shift to OScam if you want all Canalsat channels to work.

    You also need to enable the option "Skip CWs checksum test" when you setup our lines on your OSCam on your box.

  • (2016-November-17th) Canalsat Highly improved + Update Your Prio Files - Latest Update (Nov 19th)

    New method has been applied for canalsat and other french packages.

    Kindly update your prio files by clicking here.

    Update (Nov 19th) : New update for Bein Sport MAX Channels added. Some bugs reported by users regarding Canal Digitaal NL having issues with the new prio, fixed now.

  • (2016-September-8th) Addressing SkyUK Users - Recent issues > Fixed + Updates (Sep 9th)

    You`ve definitely noticed growing number of freezing, lags and glitches over the past week on skyuk channels.

    Some of it was due to issues on our core servers which was dealt with very quickly.

    The main reason is recent general issue on SkyUK ecm packets carrying bad cw both through public cache and local cards.

    Up until now no one knows for sure why this is happening but this is general. Further updates will be posted here if we get any.

    Update (Sep 9th) : we have partially fixed the issue on Skyuk, kindly check the quality and channels with which you had issues in the past week and report back to us.

  • (2016-September-6th) Canalsat/TNT Sat/Telesat/BIS New Cards Added - Please Install The New Prio File

    We`ve installed new Local Cards for the above mentioned packages.

    New Prio file contains updated prio commands according to the newly added local cards to help you have a better quality

    You can head over to Prio File Page and get the new file by clicking here.

    Credits go to our member "Gio" who have done all the prio updates and beta testing.

  • (2016-August-1st) Canalsat New Prio Changes Added

    We have published a new prio file which is suitable for canalsat according to all recent changes.

    You can head over to Prio File Page and get the new file by clicking here.

    Credits go to our member "Gio" who is closely following all Csat changes for us and helping us prepare new settings for it.

  • (2016-June-8th) Canalsat Issue

    You all know by now that Canalsat France is down on 0100 cards. For now remove our prio files from your boxes and try to watch french channels on TNT, Telesat and Orange on astra 19.2 Soon we will release a new prio file for french channels.

  • (2016-June-6th) CanalDigitaal and TVV Symbol Rate Change

    To all users who were having issues watching these two packages, simply rescan astra 23.5 or use 29.900 symbol rate.

  • (2016-January-24th) IPTV Service Started

    We finally decided to start our IPTV service. Currently we are focused on Italian packages like Sky Italia, Mediaset Premium, DTT, and high quality Adult channels.

    Single user offers can be reached by clicking here.

    In this service we provide control panels to resellers. To see further details about our IPTV Reseller Offers click here.

    For ordering your desired package please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    ***Do not contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your IPTV queries.

  • (2016-January-5th) Hotbird 13E: Quality of Adult Channels Highly Improved - Update Your Prio Files

    As requested by many of our users, we worked a bit on the quality of adult channels located on hotbird 13E.

    Update your prio files to enjoy this new quality. Prio file can be updated on this page.

  • (2015-December-22th) Sky Italia quality issues: Cards Under Attack By Sky + Latest Updates (Jan 1st 2016)

    Earlier today Sky has started new series of attacks on 09CD skyit cards.

    We are monitoring the situation and doing everything we can to make this problem go away.

    Updates will be announced accordingly.

    Update (Dec 23rd) : Some news say there has been a change in algorithm by sky. If so we have to wait until a new fix comes around which usually doesnt take long.

    Please note that Tvsat and Mediaset Premium are available and working just fine. So for now you can enjoy watching them until sky is back.

    Update (Jan 1st) : We are still trying to finish bypassing the new algorithm. Have made some good progress. We are optimistic.

  • (2015-November-22th) CanalSat France Changes: Update The Prio File + Updates (Nov 23rd)

    Since 2 weeks ago, Canalsat France has been facing issues on Bein Sports channels.

    To resolve this, you need to simply update your prio file with the latest version we provided.

    It contains new provider 003317 for those channels. To update the Prio file Click here.

    Update (Nov 23rd) : Bein Sports France are now back and working stable with 003311 Provider. Plz update your prio files by clicking here.

  • (2015-November-10th) Sky Italia Further Upgrade: Caccia e Pesca is back + overall quality improvements

    As we promised many of you italian users, the famous Caccia e Pesca is now back with stable quality. Dmax HD is available too.

    ecm time has been lowered overall the package. By going through some skyit channels you`ll notice the quality

    We greatly thank our italian skyit beta tester for proving necessary info and doing beta testing during this process.

  • (2015-October-5th) SkyDE Notice: CAID changed from 1702 to 098C

    As you might know, late in November CAID 1702 will go down permanently. So we migrated to the new V14 card with CAID 098C.

    You might have had some freezing and ecm loss on our service while you were watching skyde lately. This update have fixed it now.

    Regular single users and resellers : Update the prio file if you are using it, if not, no changes needed to be done on your side

    Reshare/Nline users : No config changes on your line is needed unless you manually assign the caid on your side, change the CAID from 1702 to 098C

  • (2015-September-22th) Sky Italia Now With High Quality

    After a long campaign to improve sky italia quality we have finally done it.

    Nearly all skyit channels are now stable, no freezing (lags of 5-10 seconds), you can watch a movie or live sports event without having any issues.

    There are still channels playing up but soon those will be stabilized too.

    We appreciate all the help and cooperation received from our beta testers, our Sky Italia specialist.

  • (2015-July-12th) BT Sport HD and SD channels New Frequency

    We have always announce that Box and Signal related matters arent our responsibility and yet too many users blame us for such stuff.

    BT Sport like many other SkyUK channels have had their frequencies changed. Below you can find them.

    The HD is on 11597  23000    V

    The SD is on 11081  22000    H
    Thanks to David, our reseller for this update.


  • (2015-June-19th) Fast CCcam Website and Email Addresses Changed

    We have changed both our website and contact email addresses.

    From now on, our official website and email addresses are as follows:

    Official Website Address :

    Official Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • (2015-June-17th) SkyUK Movie Channels Frequency Change

    Since 24hrs ago, SkyUK Movie channels had their frequencies changed. Old frequency was 11836and it`s down now.

    Channels : sky Action, comedy, scifi horror, select, disney family, movies premier, movies premier+1, Thriller, drama

    Frequency : 11934

    Polarization : Vertical

    Symbol Rate : 2750

    Note: Simple re-scan with the latest TP list or a Blind scan would done the job too, but we provide the exact data to make it easier for you.


  • (2015-June-12th) Change The DNS Server of Your Clines


    Below is a long instrution and examples of an easy point, changing server address from "CCCAMDNS.COM" to "FCNOIP.ORG" !!!

    You need to change the old address of your clines (CCCAMDNS.COM) to new address of your clines (FCNOIP.ORG). It is as follows:

    EASY PICTURE TUTORIAL: look at this Example image

    *** IMPORTANT: Never change BLUE TEXT in that image (sub domain/port number/username/password)

    *** IMPORTANT: the only and only and only thing you have to change in your old lines is "" to ""

    Remember: Below Clines are an example, Dont change your clines to them. Only do the necessary change as explained below ("" to "")


    C: [SubDomain.Address/DNS/Domain] [PortNumber] [Username] [Password]

    C: [SubDomain.Address/DNS/Domain] [PortNumber] [Username] [Password]


    OLD Line:

    C: [] [PortNumber] [Username] [Password]

    C: [] [PortNumber] [Username] [Password]

    NEW Line:

    C: [] [PortNumber] [Username] [Password]

    C: [] [PortNumber] [Username] [Password]


    >>>>>>>>>>>>> EXAMPLE 1 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    Imagine your clines for example are:


    C: 24000 username password

    C: 24000 username password


    Now you need to change the domain from to like below:


    C: 24000 username password

    C: 24000 username password


    *** IMPORTANT: "s1 & s2" only an example and your lines maybe on "z1 & z2" or "y1 & y2" and more

    *** IMPORTANT: "24000" only an example and your lines maybe on "11001 & 11002" or "12001 & 12002" and more

    *** IMPORTANT: "username" only an example your lines maybe with username like s9999

    *** IMPORTANT: "password" only an example your lines maybe with password like 9787978

    *** IMPORTANT: you have to only change TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    >>>>>>>>>>>>> EXAMPLE 2 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    Imagine your clines for example are:


    C: 32001 username password

    C: 32001 username password


    Now you need to change the domain from to like below:


    C: 32001 username password

    C: 32001 username password


    *** IMPORTANT: "rs131 & rs132" only an example and your lines maybe on "rs121 & rs122" or "rs111 & rs112" and more

    *** IMPORTANT: "24000" only an example and your lines maybe on "11001 & 11002" or "12001 & 12002" and more

    *** IMPORTANT: "username" only an example

    *** IMPORTANT: "password" only an example

    *** IMPORTANT: you have to only change TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    >>>>>>>>>>>>> EXAMPLE 3 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Imagine your clines for example are:


    C: 24000 username password

    C: 24000 username password


    Now you need to change the domain from to like below:


    C: 24000 username password

    C: 24000 username password


    *** IMPORTANT: " &" only an example and your lines maybe on "rs121 & rs122" or "rs111 & rs112" and more

    *** IMPORTANT: "24000" only an example and your lines maybe on "11001 & 11002" or "12001 & 12002" and more

    *** IMPORTANT: "username" only an example

    *** IMPORTANT: "password" only an example

    *** IMPORTANT: you have to only change TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    So, change is simple. You just change to

    Everything else is the same as before.


    *** IMPORTANT: the only and only and only thing you have to change in your old lines is "" to ""

    *** IMPORTANT: never add or edit or remove anything like s1/dog/cat/horse/port number/before and after "Server address/DNS/domain" !!!!




  • (2015-June-11th) Fast CCcam Prio File - Use if for better zapping and quality

    We have prepared our Prio file. This helps you to have the best possible quality and zap speed on our service.

    This file will be updated from time to time so keep checking the page. Download link is there too :


  • (2015-May-27th) Sky Italia - Working to Solve the Quality Issue

    We had to change the previous topic to avoid misguiding you. 3 days after we fixed the quality another issue arose and now we are so close to fix it.

    This time we are trying to fundamentally solve Sky Italia issue.Right now about 40 of the most demanded skyit channels arent working, but others are working properly.

    We will let you know regarding the progress and keep you updated.


  • (2015-April-29th) Sky Italia Cliche Continues : Quality issues and freezing +Updates (Problem is being solved)(May 17th)

    It would have been an insult to tell you what is going on as we believe you are all expert about Sky Italia behavior, but after receiving many emails and support tickets regarding the issue, we most announce that since 24 hours ago - after nearly 2 months of stable quality -  Sky Italia quality issues started again.

    Further updates will be announced accordingly.


    Update (May 17th) : Took us a while to find a fix for Sky italia but we are finally close. More than 90 of the most important channels of this package are now fixed on our servers. We are still Beta Testing. You can test the quality of Cinema, Sports, Fox, Culture and Entertainment packages. Once it is final we will announce it on a separate new entry. Thanks for your patience.


  • (2015-April-28th) SkyUK Notice: Rescan/Blind Scan Astra 28.2 + We dont support 0960 caid

    Since a few days ago some frequencies of SkyUK channels have been changed or tempered with by Sky. You simply need to update your box software to get the latest TP list and rescan your Skyuk satellite or do a Blind Scan. You`ll then get all instances of those missing skyuk channels. One of them should be working issue free.

    Another matter is, recently new card of Skyuk has been brought to service with caid 0960. At the moment we have our servers focused on caid 0963 and we dont support 0960. So please be aware that if you update your channel lists or change any configurations on your box, ignore caid 0960 and only use 0963.


  • (2015-April-26th) Portugal ISP`s (Internet Service Providers) Blocking CCCam + Updates (Problem Solved) (April 28th)

    Last month for the first time portugal ISP`s started messing with CCcam. Today same thing happening again and we are receiving multiple reports from inside portugal.

    This probably soon passes like last month and gets back to normal. For now you can try turning off your router for 5-10 minutes so that your IP changes then retry cccam.

    How to avoid this? You can use a Network Modem/Router which supports VPN, by setting up a VPN on your router your data will be encrypted and your ISP will not be able to detect your use of cardsharing, you`ll be safe and your service will work flawlessly.

    Further updates regarding this will be announce here.


    Update (April 28th) : Issue resolved for now but this can happen anytime, so we suggest you setup a VPN on your router or if your box supports on your box.


  • (2014-December-20th) Sky Italia Having Quality Issues - High ECM, Freezing + Updates (Condition Improving) (March 2nd)

    Since 2 days ago on December 18th, Sky Italia started showing issues like High ECM time which causes glitching and Bad CW which causes 5-10 seconds lag.

    These are mostly the result of a new series of attacks from Sky Italia Company known as Error 9994 which has got many 09CD and 093B cards into trouble.

    Some speculations show that this is another update to take Sky Italia channels off cardsharing before the new year.

    People are already started working on a fix for this and we will keep you updated once we know more.


    Update (January 3rd) : It`s getting worse on Sky Italia and we havent found any fix for it yet. Italian users can watch Tivusat and Mediaset Premium with freeze free quality for now.


    Update (March 2nd) : Condition is improving on Sky Italia. To be honest we haven`t done anything regarding this matter and there has been no fixes on our side, it`s just general condition getting better but the fact is "nothing is stable yet" so this can either be a temporary thing or a permanent progress to the full level of quality on 09CD Sky Italia.


  • (2014-December-27th) Re-Scan Hotbird 13 east

    Since yesterday we noticed some Frequency changes on Hotbird 13 East specially for Sky Italia Package.

    If your service stopped working, signal is jumpy or no ecm info is retrieved from your clines, you should re-scan your Hotbird 13 east satellite.

    This has been tested on Cinema +1, Cinema Christmass, Sky Sports24 and the results have been positive.


  • (2014-December-1st) Quality Upgrade on Various Packages Done

    Here we present a detailed list of new upgrades which have been done.

    Canal Digitaal NL  (CAID 0100:00006A): Some upgrades made and quality issues during the past month have been fixed.

    TV Vlaanderen (CAID 0100:00006C) : It was down for 2 days on our service for maintenance but it`s back with better quality.

    CanalSat France (CAID 0500) : SD channels have been highly improved but still HD ones lack quality.

    SkyDE (CAID 1702) : We know of some quality issues with this package. New card has been added, quality improved.

    Sky Italia (CAID 09CD) : New NDS cards added, more to come, we are thinking about a true freeze free quality on this package.

    SkyUK (CAID 0963) : Good as ever, some issues on Starplus channel, working on it

    Digital+ Spain (CAID 1810) : Last month we had quality issues on this package but it`s now fixed and stabilized.

    Tring,UPC,DigiTV (CAID`s 0BAA, 0D02, 1880) : We had many requests for improvement on these 3 packages and it`s done.

    Digiturk (CAID 0d00) : We added a great card for this package – SD channels only – much better quality than before.

    Tivusat (CAID 183D) : Few changes have been done, quality improved a little but we are still going to add high quality cards for this package.

    Mediaset Premium (CAID 1805) : Quality improvement, remember your box must request and get ecm packets with caid 1805 to get the proper results. If you are using a CCcam.prio file, prioritize this caid for Mediaset Premium.

    Canal Digital Nordic (CAID 0B00) : one new card has been added, much more stable than before

    SkyLink Czech (CAID 0D96) : There was a little instability on Nova channels, fixed now

    Viasat (Caid 093E) : Some config changes been done, We are trying to improve this package, really hard

    Meo (CAID 0100) : Good as ever, we just added 1 card for this package as backup

    ZonTvCabo (CAID 1802) : Good as ever, we just added 1 card for this package as backup


  • (2014-November-23rd) Sky Italia is now back on 09CD NDS card - High Quality

    After quite a lot of efforts made by our team, including our beta tester and our technician, finally we have Sky Italia back on 09CD NDS card. Quality has been tested during live Serie A matches On Sky Calcio , Sky Supercalcio and Sky Sports .It`s amazing, nearly freeze free. All SD channels should be working. Primafila channels are available too but might have a bit high ecm time or might show a little instability.

    Note: Our customers who have re-sharable N line for Sky Italia should now change the CAID to 09CD in order to have their line working. Also re-share price for this package has changed. For more info refer to


  • (2014-November-5th) Our website and email system have had technical issues (SOLVED)

    From November 1st to November 4th our website and email system have had technical issues . So if your query has not been answered during this time frame, kindly submit/send your request again. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


  • (2014-October-6th) Serious Quality Issues on Sky Italia + Problem Solved (October-18th)

    Since this noon most of Sky Italia channels are freezing frequently and some of them like Sky Sports 1&2 are not even opening. Be aware that this issue is general and it`s from Sky itself, so we have to wait until it settles. The exact time of fix is not clear at the moment.


    Updated : (7th October) Situation is getting worse. As we investigated, it seems like Sky Italia Company is pairing all SD channels too and within 48 hours there will be no Sky Italia channels at all. We will post latest updates here soon. Please don`t ask anything more as we dont know more than what we can offer.


    Updated : (9th October) Some trusted sources telling us that even users who have newly got or renewed their official SD cards of Sky Italia Package have the same issue on SD channels. Another interesting thing about this issue is that even on Official Sky Boxes you can not see all SD channels working and they have issues too. This arises two possibilities: 1- either Sky Italia company is facing a serious issue on their SD channels and they are dealing with it  or  2- Sky has plans to completely remove SD channels from the service and only provide visual services on High Definition. We are asking you to be patient and don`t make any guesses or rush decisions. Needless to day that all other Packages are working fine and if you are specifically asking for italian based packages, Mediaset Premium and Tvusat are working fine. Further updates will be announced once we get any.


    Updated : (11th October) Sky Italia SD channels are back on. We have managed to find and add old Sky Italia cards with CAID 0919 to our server. Quality is not decent and you have frequent freezing but at least it can keep the service up. Some of the channels on this package might not work properly but as explained above, this is just a temporary solution.


    Updated : (11th October) All of those who have Sky Italia N lines with re-share option from us be advised: Since a few hours ago, CAID 09cd with provider 000000 has been temporarily remove and CAID 0919 with provider 000000 has been assigned to your N lines. If your EMU needs any kind of re-configuration, you need to apply it now.


    Updated : (13th October) We are fine polishing the quality of Sky italia on new CAID 0919 and after some checks done by our Italian beta testers, we can confirm that the quality is getting better. Cinema and Sports channels are going almost okay and entertainment channels like Sky Uno are having a little instability. It is completely normal that you be unhappy about the quality we are providing right now, comparing to what we had even 2 weeks ago and before that. Freezing is happening on Sky italia right now but we are trying to first stabilize the quality on CAID 0919 and in the next step finding a way to get back to original popular 09CD caid to have much better quality. Stay tuned for latest news.


    Updated : (17th October) Great News !!! After 5 days of non-stop configuration, optimization and assessments, we are proud to say that we have solved the issue on Sky Italia package. All the SD channels - except PPV - are working nearly freeze free, a condition similar to 2 weeks ago. We have to wait for a week, at least, to make sure that this condition is a long lasting one but for now we confirm that Sky Italia on our service is working properly.


    Updated : (18th October) Sky italia seems half stable. Sometimes it has freezing, sometimes service might go out. As we said in our previous update, this new configuration we applied is undergoing it`s Beta mode. On the other hand Sky itself is having a lot of issue on Cardsharing. So if you face any service troubles on Sky Italia, we`re sorry but thats the best we can do for now.

    Note: Due to the known issue on Sky italia package, we won`t be selling any more re-sharable N lines for it.


    Updated : (18th October) N line with re-share is now available for Sky Italia conditionally.

    Note : Please read previous news updates and make sure you`re fully aware of recent Sky italia changes. If you agree to purchase a re-sharable N line for this package, you`ll agree to the possible instability and quality issues which might happen. Also try to apply for a C line test and evaluate the quality using that line on your own box. If you see the quality stable, then apply.


  • (2014-April-30th) Skyit General Freezing Issue Solved + Latest Updates (June-12th)

    Since last week when SkyIT started working on Primafila channels, some weird freezing started on the other channels of this package like Cinema, Calcio and ... . This freezing issue is general and all SkyIT users are facing it. At the moment the reason of this is not clear to anyone but we are working on it. We will keep you updated regarding any new changes.


    Updated : (May-7th) Since 48 hours ago we made slight changes on SkyIT 09CD and freezing on regular SD channels has been sorted. At the moment All Sky Italia SD channels are going fine except Primafila series.


    Updated : (May-27th) Issue is getting worse and it`s mostly general among all providers. We are fully aware of it and trying to do something about.


    Updated : (June-12th) New Skyit Local Cards have been added and most of the channels on this package are now working properly.


  • (2014-April-25th) SkyUK HD Channels Issue + Latest Updates (May-28th)

    Since yesterday we have received confirmation of a few SkyUK HD channels not clearing. It seems that SkyUK is trying to do the same thing as SkyIT did last year pairing HD channels so that no one can access HD channels on Cardsharing. For the moment, a few HD channels are down and as we have been informed, more to go. It is very very unlikely that SD channels go down too. So you can keep using SkyUK on SD channels if HD`s go down.


    Updated : (April-26th) BT Sports New Transponders : BT Sports HD 1 & 2 are down now and Some of our users are asking about BT sports SD transponders. Usually by re-scanning your Astra 28.2 you should be getting these two channels SD versions, but in case your box need a little bit of manual actions, here are the transponders:

    Frequency : 12515    ---   POL : Horizontal   ---   FEC : 5/6   ---   SimboleRate : 22000


    Updated : (April-26th) BT Sports HD Transponders : Here are the working transponders for BT Sports 1 & 2 HD channels. (Thanks to David.R)

    Note : If you do a Blind Scan on Astra 28.2, you`ll get them too.

    Frequency : 11603    ---   POL : Vertical   ---   FEC : 3/4   ---   SimboleRate : 29497


    Updated : (May-28th) As we expected, SkyUK is pairing all HD channels. At the moment there is no way around it. All SD channels are working fine and stable.


  • (2014-April-21st) Skyit Primafila Quality Issue

    You might have noticed a quality issue on Primafila channels in Sky IT package. We`ve been informed that Sky Company is working on these channels. Two scenarios are possible: either sky is going to pair these PPV channels with their official receiver boxes or it`s just a simple periodical upgrade/maintenance. So keep this in mind that this quality issue is not from our side and it`s Sky Company messing with these channels. Needless to say that all other channels on Sky IT package are working perfectly fine and freeze free. 

  • (2014-February-17th) Skylink, Polsat and Cyfra highly improved

    As we promised, more work has been done on our packages. One of the most wanted packages, Skylink, has been highly improved. All SD and Hd channels are included. Also, Polsat and Cyfra are now on Hop1 and they almost never freeze thanks to our local cards for these two packages. .

  • (2014-January-21st) SkyDE and HD+ Now Freeze Free

    Following our operations on upgrading packages, this time we fixed freezing issues on two highly demanded german packages. We assessed these two packages for 3 days and by the help of our beta testers we can announce that SkyDE and HD+ are now freeze free on our CCcam service .

  • (2014-January-8th) SkyUK Package Highly Improved

    In the past few months, our SkyUK package had faced some freezing issues. Many customers reported that they face problems when they watch SkyUK mostly on weekends. We have been busy configuring SkyUK package for about a month and after 5 days of checking and assessment carried out by our Beta Testers, we are happy to announce that we have SkyUK package with a very high quality and nearly freeze free.

  • (2013-December-30th) Canal Digitaal and TV Vlaanderen Improved

    As per many requests we recevied from our customers for Canal Digitaal Netherland and TV Vlaanderen quality improvement, we decided to add a high quality local card for these packages. This change has been made on December 25th and by the help of our Beta Testers we verified the success of this change.

  • (2013-December-11th) Recent Freezing Issues Sorted

    You might have noticed some freezing and possibly service downtimes during the last 7 days. We were working on upgrading our servers and adding new cards. Also we equipped our servers with a new Anti-Freezing system which helps our servers to work with the lowest freezing possible even on peak times. Some of our clients might still be experiencing a little freezing which will be fixed soon. We hereby apologize for any inconvenience this new upgrade has caused.

  • (2013-November-19th) New Update About Sky IT

    We were investigating this issue about Sky It HD channels and we learned that HD channels are not paired. The format of HD channels has been changed by sky and according to our source, we need to wait for Enigma 3 to come. Our source also mentioned once we use Enigma 3 all HD channels of Sky IT will show up again. Some customers also asked us about CAID 0919 and the update about this one is that this CAID has also faced the same issue and HD channels are not visible on this CAID too.

  • (2013-November-18th) Network Issue Sorted

    The network issue which we experienced has been sorted out. We apologize for any inconveniences but we want you to know our hands were tied in this matter. The service has been back to normal and we expect everyone have a normal status but if you are still facing issues please contact support.

  • (2013-November-17th) Temporary Network Issue

    The company from which we rent our servers is being attacked so badly that a very large number of their servers are down. Unfortunately all our servers are among the affected servers. We would like to ask you to be patient until this issue is over.

  • (2013-November-15th) Sky Italia HD Channels Are Being Paired

    Some Of HD Channels on this package like Sky Sport HD1, Sky Cinema HD +1, Discovery Sci HD and .. are not available since 6 days ago. The reason is that Sky Italia Company is pairing these channels. That means only those who have official Sky receiver box can open these channels. We are seeking a way to resolve this issue but we want you to know that at the moment nothing we can do. By the way, the SD (non-HD) format of these channels are working fine.

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