How to install OSCam on an Enigma 2 box

In this easy tutorial, you`ll learn how to install OSCam softcam on an Enigma 2 box manually.
Below are the requirements:
1-Installation package file compatible to your box. You can download the proper file here.
2-Knowledge of working with SSH and STFP protocols. If you need help, read this tutorial.
3-A FTP client with which you'll transfer the installation package file inside your box
Transferring the file into the box:
1-Login onto your box via the FTP software using the SSH credentials of your box
2-From the left side, browse /temp/ folder
3-From the left side which is your computer, drag-and-drop the installation package file to the left side inside /temp/ folder
Installing OSCam:
 1-Click the Blue button while the screen is empty
2-Go down to Plugins and hit OK
3-Select IPK Installer and click OK
4-Choose Memory /temp
5-Go to Install Extensions and hit OK
6-Press the Green button to install the Installation Package file
Putting OSCam Config Files inside the box:
1-Connect to the box using that FTP software again
2-From left side, browse /usr/keys/ folder and place oscam.server and oscam.conf there
Note: If you do not know how to make OSCam config files, let us know.
Activation of OSCam through softcam panel:
1-Press the Blue button
2-Choose Softcam
3-Choose Softcam Panel and press OK
4-Choose OSCam and press OK
5-Once countdown is done, OSCam starts working.
If the above guide is not clear enough for you, please read this extensive tutorial on OSCam installation.

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