How to access OSCam Web Interface?

To edit configuration of OSCam the easiest way, clients should do all the modification through Web Interface AKA Webif. You can also edit config files directly via FTP software but It makes more sense when you to this through Webif as it is nicely sorted even more understandable.

To do so you'll need the following:

A-FTP software like filezilla
B-IP address of your box
C-root login of your box
Note: If you are unsure of what A, B and C are, read this tutorial.

Ok, let's get into it:

1-Open the FTP software and log onto your box using IP, Port, Username and Password of your box SSH.
2-Normally, OSCam config files are placed in /usr/keys/ folder. So browse that and look up those files.
3-Right click on oscam.conf and open/edit it.
4-Scroll down till you find [webif] section.
5-What we need are httpport, httpuser and httppwd values. So let's say values are the following:
httpport = 12345
httpuser = user1
httppwd = pass1

6-Now to connect to Web Interface of OSCam, open your internet browser and set IP of your satellite box and 12345 as port in IP:Port format. (Assuming that our box IP is

7-Finally, if all goes well, you should be prompted for user/pass. Put them in and hit enter. OSCam Webif should load just fine.

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